Tower!3D (Pro) - Custom Schedule Creator    v1.01

Probably it has never been easier to create schedules for the PC video games Tower!3D and Tower!3D Pro.
This tool will not forget a comma or whitespace that will cause the game to stop loading. Since you only need to enter
basic information, you will also be able to create your schedules much faster than having to fiddle with all the text files.

Unlike the Schedule Builder, here you can create completely individual schedules, in control of every single flight.
Primarily, this website is intended to create schedules that are based on the real world - but fantasy schedules can also
be created without any problems. Since this tool already knows a variety of airplanes, airports and airlines,
creating the corresponding text files becomes a breeze.

Alright, enough with promotional slogans - it's time to get productive, whether it's a whole week, full day or clear-out schedule.



Note: If no account exists yet, a new account will be created at login.
Even though your password is saved encrypted, you should use a new one
that you do NOT use already for this or any other device or other website.
The games' Real Traffic AddOn is required for the use of custom schedules.